Autism Awareness


…to Noah's Pretzels, the new and exciting treat for a great cause! We proudly serve a variety of recipes ranging from our Original Secret and Cinnamon (our most popular!) pretzels to our delicious pretzel wraps filled with different meats and cheeses. We are the ONE AND ONLY Pretzel shop to serve a Gluten and Casein Free (GF/CF) pretzel for adults and kids having restricted dietary needs. Everyone will enjoy coming to Noah's for our great one of a kind Pretzels.

We hope to make Noah's Pretzels your daily treat! You are welcome to come in and visit with Noah (who on occasion loves to spend time at the shop) or stop and talk with the owners, Dwayne and Jonathan.  Both men share in the joy of seeing the happiness Noah's brings to all patrons and visitors. All our pretzels are handmade out in our shop - we use nothing but the finest ingredients in the preparation. We invite you to come by, enjoy and share your experience with others. Remember that a portion of our profits are donated to local Autism foundations.

Thank you all for your support and contributions!